Detection History

Virginia DOC FIRST in USA - Nov. 2007

Prisons across the United States are struggling with the influx of cell phones. Recognizing the serious threat cell phones and other contraband pose to security, the Virginia Department of Corrections stepped up to the challenge of adding dogs as another tool, or deterrent, to help combat the problem. Why was this a challenge? Because the actual use of cell phone detection dogs in the corrections facilities to this point was yet-to-be-proven. 

                    l to r: Officer Bryan Giffin and K9 Casper, Officer Mike Campbell and K9 Asia,
                            Officer Jeff McCleese and K9 Waldo, with trainer “Lamb” Lambert,
                            Principal of All States K-9 Detection

The Virginia Department of Corrections was proactive and invited All States K-9 Detection to add the odor of cell phones to their drug detection canines…making them the FIRST DOC in the U.S. to utilize this “two-for-one” resource to ferret out unauthorized devices and substances from their facilities. Their dual-purpose canines (drugs and cell phones) have proven successful in locating drugs and cell phones in transportation vehicles, inmate cells, laundry, office equipment, books, packages, food items, toilet tanks, and construction materials, to name but a few. The canines are proven proficient in detection of residual odors and residue, as well.

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